The World is Connected by Ocean.

Global Ocean Center will provide an unprecedented and vitally needed hub
of oceanic information, education and collaboration.

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Ocean Centers are designed to discover, develop, and deliver:

Breakthrough Medicines
Superior Foods
Clean Freshwater
Usable Energy
and so much more…

This will get done by providing meaningful jobs where employees will create technologies and
solutions that care for the oceans while optimizing resources to benefit humanity.

Ocean Centers will also host a wide range of public events, offering educational interfaces, and
entertainment venues all about humans interacting with liquid frontiers.

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Global Ocean Center unites a world of underwater knowledge and opportunity.

Despite an extraordinary history of exploring and developing the ocean’s vast depths, humans have barely scratched the surface in terms of the benefits the sea holds.

Global Ocean Center aims to be the world leader in connecting discoverers and researchers with ocean resources.

The beginning is OceanXchange, a proprietary, web-based platform that will enable seamless, real-time exchange of global information across multiple offshore disciplines and industries.

Then building Global Ocean Center, the world's most advanced facilities, thereby, connecting oceanic business, innovation, science, education and entertainment.

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for a complete overview.

Global Ocean Center penetrates ocean-based markets through multiple channels, namely, Offshore Industry Services, Education and Training Institutes, Subsea Science and Dive Medicine Research, Public Center Exhibits and Media Networks. Each channel qualifies as a stand-alone business opportunity with a customer base and revenue potential sufficient for economic viability and return on investment.

The vision for Global Ocean Center was inspired by founder Chris Hartman’s front-line experience on the largest and most diverse offshore projects in the subsea industry. During his two decades of field operations, he learned of the abundant, untapped potential of our oceanic resources. Furthermore, he witnessed first-hand the economic and administrative inefficiencies caused by lack of a centralized system of coordination, communication and education. Recognizing the need for an organization to set a high bar for accountability in personnel, assets and information, Chris is currently assembling a team of world-class experts and investors committed to achieving this objective.

It is an ambitious goal that requires intensive focus and resources. We are seeking those who share this vision and are willing to invest in it, bringing this vision into reality.

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Global Ocean Center is at the early planning stage of development. Next steps include identification and solicitation of long-term financial partners, continued generation and refinement of market research/analysis, formation of a core leadership team, building alliances, completing the GOC proprietary operating system software, and site/facility through design. Interested in getting involved? Please complete this form and let us know how.