Success doesn’t happen in a silo

You have a project, but need a platform to share it.

You want to contribute, but need a cause to get behind.

Access to information and exposure to ideas is key to progress.

The Global Ocean platform lets you harness the power of people + technology to share
and accelerate success for ocean endeavours, anywhere in the world.

Share a Project

Connect with experts and get extreme clarity quickly on your endeavour.

Contribute to a Project

Find a project that lights you up, then contribute with time or resources.

Accelerate Progress

Collaborate and connect in real time to shape the future of our ocean.

Progress can feel painfully slow.
Our platform speeds things up.

  • No matter your mission, success doesn’t happen in a silo.
  • Everyone needs a community to affect change and get known.
  • With our platform, that community is literally at your fingertips.
  • Easily share knowledge, get support, and gain momentum.
  • Leverage data and resources that already exist--and leapfrog forward 5 years.

Anyone Can Be An Ocean Ambassador

Join a passionate community of [2 million +] entrepreneurs, explorers, storytellers and scientists.
Access the information and resources you need to move the needle on any ocean project.

Community-based initiatives




Find Your Project. Find Your People.

Whether you’re spearheading or supporting an ocean project, our platform
makes it easy to get the information and resources you need.

(Without starting from scratch or wasting 5 years figuring it out yourself.)

Join Now

Here’s How To Get Started

  • 1. Jump In

    Share your ocean project or find one that excites you. Engage and participate. Get your feet wet! (Don’t be a lurker)

  • 2. Make Waves

    Create key collaborative relationships. Talk to scientists, engage entrepreneurs. Enjoy access to a global network of information and resources.

  • 3. Change the Tides

    Compound, build on and leverage data that’s already out there. Gain momentum and move forward--in 5 months instead of 5 years.

Want stories to inspire your next endeavor at sea?

Get curated articles & films with valuable insights on all things oceanic.

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