About Us

We built this website to allow people open access and free interaction with the oceans, without barriers or borders, resulting in profoundly positive impacts and transformations on their lives, the lives of others, and the world's future regarding oceanic activity and sustainability. The goal is to provide an open and free ocean-centric collaborating and marketplace platform available anywhere to anyone.Our founder personally witnessed decades of oceanic activity in most oceans, seas, and gulfs, above and below surface. Through these experiences he learned of widely unknown humankind benefits the oceans are able to substantially and sustainably provide every human being in most ways imaginable — from medicinals to unlimited energy, foods, jobs, and so much more.


Executive Team

Our Executive Team is committed to creating worldwide partnerships to exchange insights and to identify and promote breakthrough innovations.


Board of Governors

In addition to attending the Solutions Exchange each September, throughout the year, our Board aggressively reaches out.



Sponsors of Global Ocean Center are industry leaders committed to moving our world forward through empowering innovation to leap across boundaries and geography.


Solutions Review Team

The Global Ocean Center Solutions Review Team represents a cross-section of global industry experts from industry, government, conservation, research, and academia.