Make Informed Decisions

Minimize Risk

Maximize Mission Success

Ocean projects are a big investment,
with very little margin for error

People’s lives and our planet are at stake.

Funding and reputations are on the line.

Access to the right information is critical.

The Global Ocean marketplace makes it easy to find expert-vetted products and services for safe,
successful projects--from community beach clean-ups to commercial ventures and scientific expeditions.

Make Informed Decisions

Discuss your ocean project in real time. See all your options in one place.

Reduce Risk

Understand your variables and find expert-vetted products and services.

Ensure Mission Success

Get expert guidance, instead of starting from scratch or working in a silo.

Ocean projects are complex.
We’re here to make them simple and safe.

Let’s be real: the odds are already stacked against you in the ocean.

Every choice you make in the planning process is critical. The problem is, it’s hard to make informed decisions without access to reliable information on logistics and equipment.

We’re here to change that, as the only expert- vetted marketplace for ocean ventures.

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3500 Days At Sea, 20+ Years In Ocean Technology

From piloting submarines to building global ocean centers for communication,
we know firsthand the importance of having the right information and equipment.

The Global Ocean Marketplace is designed to ensure your next project is safe and successful.

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Everything You’ll Need At Sea, All In One Marketplace

Easily find the expert information and vetted equipment you need for a safe, successful ocean project.
(In 30-minutes, instead of 30 days.)

Here’s how it works

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    Discover our vetted products and services.

  • 2. Validate

    Get expert guidance to make informed decisions.

  • 3. Endeavor

    Run a safe and wildly successful ocean project.

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